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Hey There!
I like animals books and anime more than anything (though I guess I should add family and friends :P) and my life = computer and horses. That is it. I have no motivation.
A comparison of the content of the two books mentioned above, both of which I have read. I tried to arrange it thematically. Since I am going to assume, though of course there are exceptions, that boys won't read the Daring Book for Girls, this guide is for girls trying to decide which book is more to their tastes. I found both very good, the boys one has slightly better and longer content and the girls one has more variety. Here is the comparison for your perusal. Note that the content in the girls one seems to be aimed for a younger, less varied audience. All content and chapter titles in these books is the property of their respective authors.

Boys                                                                                     Girls

I Didn't Have This Book When I was a Boy                       Intro
Essential Kit                                                                       Essential Gear
Girls                                                                                   Boys
                                                                                          Daring Girls Guide to Danger

Cloud Formations                                                              Weather                                                      
the moon                                                                           Snow balls
Common British Trees                                                        Secret Garden
Growing Sunflowers

                                                                                          The Sit Upon
                                                                                           Lamp, Lantern and Flashlight
                                                                                          Campfire Songs
Building a Treehouse                                                        Clubhouses and Forts
Conkers                                                                             Daisy Chains and Ivy Crowns
Hunting Rabbit
Insects and Spiders                                                          Bird Watching
                                                                                          Three Sisters
Fishing                                                                               Hiking       

     Survival Skills
5 Knots Every Boy Should Know                                       Knots and Stitches
                                                                                          Sleep Outs
Making Cloth Fireproof                                                      Building a Campfire
First Aid                                                                             First Aid

Making a Battery                                                                Lemon Powered Clock
Light                                                                                  Periodic Table of the Elements
Solar System
Timers and tripwires                                                         Vinegar and Baking Soda                      
Steady Hand Tin
Simple electromagnet
Pinhole Projector

Football                                                                           Basketball
Rugby                                                                              Netball
Cricket                                                                             Softball
                                                                                        Roller Skating
                                                                                        Caring for your Softball glove
                                                                                        5 Karate Moves
                                                                                       Women Olympic Firsts

                                                                                        14 Games of Tag
                                                                                        Four Square
Juggling                                                                           Jacks
                                                                                        Double Dutch Jump Rope
Table Football                                                                  Chinese Jump Rope
Marbles                                                                           Playing Cards
                                                                                        Hop Scotch, Tetherball, Jump Rope
Poker                                                                              Cartwheels and Back Walkovers
                                                                                       Slumber Party Games
5 Pen and Paper Games                                                Making a Peg Board Game
Chess                                                                             Handclap Games

                                                                                       Marco Polo and Water Polo

7 Modern Wonders
                                                                                      Spanish Terms of Endearment…
                                                                                       Daring Spanish Girls
                                                                                      South Sea Islands
                                                                                      Going to Africa
                                                                                      French Terms of Endearment…

                                                                                      Bandana Tying
                                                                                      How to Tie a Sari
                                                                                      Putting your hair Up with a Pencil
                                                                                      Peach Pit Rings

     Arts and Design
                                                                              Water Colour Painting on the Go

Questions About the World Pt. 1                                Princesses Today
Questions About the World Pt. 2                                Important Women in First Aid
Questions About the World Pt. 3                                Modern Women Leaders
The Commonwealth                                                    Robert's Rules                                                        
British Empire                                                              Bill of Rights
Fossils                                                                        Negotiate a Salary
Astronomy                                                                   States… + Canada
7 Wonders of the Ancient World                                 Finance
Charting the Universe
Star Maps
Imperial and Metric Measures'

Dinosaurs                                                                    Explorers
Famous Battles Part 1                                                Queens of the Ancient Word: Artemisia
Patron Saints of England                                            Joan of Arc
Famous Battles Pt. 2                                                  Queens of the Ancient World: Salome Alexandria
Golden age of Piracy                                                   Pirates
Kings and queens of England and Scotland               Short History of Women Inventors and Scientists
Artillery Brief History                                                   Women Spies
                                                                           Queens of the ancient World: Cleopatra
                                                                                   Queens of the ancient World: Boudicca
                                                                                   Queens of the Ancient World: Zenobia

Extraordinary Stories Pt. 1
Extraordinary Stories Pt. 2
Extraordinary Stories Pt. 3
Extraordinary Stories Pt. 4
Extraordinary Stories Pt. 5

Morse Code                                                               Whistle with 2 Fingers
Navigation                                                                 Reading Tide Charts
Nava Flag Codes                                                       How to Paddle a Canoe
Spies Codes and Ciphers                                          How to Be a Spy
Coin Tricks                                                                 Palm Reading
Making a Paper Hat…                                                Math Tricks
Wrapping a Parcel in Brown Paper                           Public Speaking
Dog Tricks                                                                  How to Change a Tire
Tanning a Skin                                                      Japanese T Shirt Folding

Making a Bow and Arrow                                          Flat Scooter                       
Making a go Cart                                                     Ultimate Scooter
Building a workbench                                               Every Girl's Toolbox
Catapults                                                                 Tree Swing

Skimming Stones                                                    3 Silly Pranks
10 Comandments                                              Lemonade Stand

Growing Crystals                                                   Pressing Flowers
Making a Periscope                                               Making a Willow Whistle
Greatest Paper Plane in the World                       Coolest Paper Airplane Ever
Marbling Paper                                                      Make Your Own Paper
                                                                              God's Eyes
                                                                               Paper Flowers
                                                                               Cootie Catchers
                                                                               Friendship Bracelets
                                                                               Make Your Own quill Pen
                                                                              Making a Cloth Covered Book
                                                                               Making a Seine Net

Understanding Grammar Pt. 1                             Abigail Adams Letters with John Adams
Understanding Grammar Pt. 2                              History of Writing and writing in Cursive
Understanding Grammar Pt. 3                              writing Letters
Origins of Words                                                  Words to Impress
Latin Phrases                                                       Greek and Latin Root Words
Books Every Boy Should read                              Books That Will Change Your Life
Grinding an Italic Nib                                             Telling Ghost Stories
Secret Inks
Sampling Shakespeare
5 Poems

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